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This company organized as the "Ben Edwards Dragoons" at Montgomery, Ala., Apr. 20, 1862. Officers were commissioned on July 19, 1862. Up until the summer of 1862 the company served as artillerymen at Mobile, Ala.

William T. McDowell entered service as 2nd Sergeant. He appears on the roll for Nov.-Dec. 1863 as 1st Sergeant, and was paroled at Charlotte NC, May 3, 1865, as Jr. 2nd Lieut. of his company.

Officers serving with this company were Capt. Lee W. Battle of Montgomery, formerly of the "Montgomery Mounted Rifles," 1st Lieut. John O. Zeigler and 2nd Lieut. David Shaw Bethune, both formerly of the "Perote Guards", and 2nd Lieut. James A. Bass, formerly of the "Barbour Greys." Bass resigned his commission with the 5th Alabama Regt. as a result of health issues, and was report absent, sick, on the last roll dated Nov.-Dec. 1863. Since he's not accounted for at the surrender, it may be that he resigned during 1864, and created the vacancy among company officers.

At the time of the surrender, Battle was senior captain of the regiment, Bethune was acting adjutant, and Zeigler was in prison at Fort Delaware.

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