Hayes Lowe
Answers or debate.
Thu Jun 28 08:23:48 2001

Unfortunately, the "answers" are rarely cut and dried. Most of what we know comes from scraps of information found here and there, and the answer must be arrived at by making assumptions. On the few topics where large bodies of information exist (such as Gettysburg, for example), much of the primary source material is contradictory. As you know from your Bistoe Station research, there is much contradiction between even reliable sources. If anybody offers you an answer that is unequivacal to any question regarding the Civil War, I would recommend closely scrutinizing the sources (and any contradictory sources). You'll seldom find one "right" answer. It's like they told me when I took the Alabama State Bar exam...each question will have more than one correct answer, but you must pick the "most correct" to get credit for a "right" answer.