Alan J. Pitts
Pension applications found.....
Tue Jun 26 23:28:59 2001

T. F. Hubbard applied for a pension from Bullock County on Aug. 17, 1901, being 72 years old at the time. He claimed to have belonged to Starke’s Company of Strickland’s Battalion. The latter was a senior reserve command recruited in the summer of 1864, but I don’t recognize the company commander’s name. I’ll check. The application includes statements by witnesses to support his claim and property information, as well as some data on his wife.

W. T. Hubbard applied for a state pension from Chambers County, claiming service as a member of Co. “G”, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment. His name doesn’t appear on rolls of that command, but these rolls are fairly incomplete. Company "G" was a Macon County unit. He says he was wounded twice, once in the hip and another time in the left hand. This could easily explain why he was serving with “light duty men” towards the end of the war. There’s more about him but the library was closing….